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What is Ætherverse?
Ætherverse is a science-fantasy miniature tabletop wargame. It is set in a distant future where interdimensional travel has become a reality, and wars rage across an infinite number of universes. The rules support the creation of literally thousands of different armies, and you'll never know what you'll be facing off against on the other side of the table.

Ætherverse's background runs through parallel universes, with thousands of alternate futures for Earth. In some, the Roman Empire never collapsed, while in others humanity lost the evolutionary race and another animal rose to rule the planet.

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May. 15th, 2006 @ 02:51 pm Ætherverse Revision Blog #1: Setting Goals
I've received news that the company managing Ætherverse at the printers is shutting down operations. Unfortunately, this means that the game will officially be out of print for some time (including through Amazon.com, etc). I was hoping to keep the game in print while I commenced Triskele's reorganization but sadly this won't be the case.By the end of the month, the game will be unavailable. There is however, as always, a silver lining. As I've been hinting, I'm going to be putting together a "1.1" edition of Ætherverse. Several months ago, this simply entailed doing some typo and "bug" fixes in the text and adding new abilities that had made itin though a newsletter. Now, however, I've decided that the revision is going to be a little bit bigger.

Ætherverse: Revised First Edition will be a fairly heavy attacking of the core of the game. I'm going to work on giving the entire system a nice tune-up, incorporating suggestions and feedback from the players, and filling in the various balance holes that became clear once a larger number of players got ahold of the game. This will include a new playtesting run, and more opportunities for player feedback. Ætherverse was already very much a game created "by gamers for gamers"; we're going to continue this philosophy during the revision.

We're also going to do something quite interesting during the process: blogging it. I'm going to provide weekly posts and updates on how it's going, starting with an overall "here's some ofwhat we're going to do" list for the first few posts.

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Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 08:22 am Competing with the Big Dogs
Over at the recently reconstituted The Warp, there's a discussion going on regarding competing with the larger entities in the wargaming market, specifically Games Workshop. One of the posters made a good point, and I gave them a nice, lengthy response illustrating that post in action. Since it's rather interesting (at least in my own deluded mind) I figured it would be useful to share it and get some feedback from the larger public.

The original comment, from Warp.net user "Americanbear":
Maybe if you tried somewhere GW hasn't got a stranglehold on you would have a bit more success...

And my rather long-winded reply...

Yep, this is how you "compete" with GW. As has been said, NOBODY can compete with the "giant" in terms of marketing. What has to be done to be "successful" is two things: define your intended level of success, and do something other than what GW already does. Trying to compete directly against 40k just isn't going to work (see, also: Void, VOR, Starship Troopers, Warzone). The best way to go is to offer a different enough product that stands out on its own merits (like Warmachine) or to find a different niche within the hobby and build from there (like Ætherverse).

What we did with Ætherverse is sort of two-fold. First, accepting the reality that GW isn't going to be going anywhere. Wishing that they'd stop doing what they're doing is totally unrealistic, because it works... for *them*. Privateer has had some success acting like GW in many ways, but they have the budget to do that. GW being omnipresent is partially a disadvantage... but it's also a HUGE advantage that can be capitalized on in many ways.

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Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 04:35 pm Æthergate #9 Online!

Æthergate #9 (September 2005) is now online! This issue, the semi-monthly free newsletter features four new attributes for Ætherverse, as well as background (and two army lists) for a post-nuclear world discovered by the AEC. Two of the devolved human species, dubbed "goblins" and "orcs" by a fantasy-reading research assistant, frequently find themselves at odds with each other over the remaining resources on their continent.

The Æthergate newsletter is always a free download, expanding the universes and rules of Ætherverse with new abilities, scenarios, and army list ideas.

Previous newsletters and more information on Ætherverse (and the new game Upheaval) can be found at the Triskele Games website.
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Aug. 30th, 2005 @ 03:37 pm Ætherverse: Upheaval Now Available!

Yesterday, Ætherverse: Upheaval, the new skirmish campaign miniatures wargame from Triskele Games officially went on sale!

Upheaval is a 48-page PDF, and in a special agreement is exclusively available through Wargamedownloads.com for the first month of release. Upheaval costs $8.00 (US), and customers that purchase Upheaval will be eligible for a $5.00 rebate on a purchase of the Ætherverse rulebook.

For more information on Upheaval, check out the Upheaval page at TriskeleGames.com
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Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 02:28 am Coming Soon: "Ætherverse: Upheaval"

Coming Soon from Triskele Game Design Studios is a new miniatures game based on Ætherverse: Upheaval. Upheaval is a new, fast-paced game of small skirmish combat, set in the cities of the parallel universes of Ætherverse. Upheaval features an exciting campaign system, giving players new strategic choices as they guide a band of green troops through battle after battle, guiding their experiences and upgrading their abilities and equipment until they either become an elite force or are destroyed and replaced by new green troops.

Available exclusively in digital download format from online PDF retailers, Upheaval is a 48-page PDF written by Jason Lauborough, designer of the original Ætherverse and featuring art and fiction from the Ætherverse print rulebook. Upheaval will be priced at around $10-12 (still to be finalized). The game leverages aspects of the revolutionary Ætherverse army design system to provide a highly flexible upgrade path for units as they progress through the game. The gameplay portion of Upheaval features a revised and pared-down version of the Ætherverse rules, optimized for small-skirmish play between two to four small units of troops (roughly 8-30 models per army).

Upheaval is suitable for sci-fi play of military or "gang warfare" variety, historical and modern skirmishes, and fantasy warband campaigning. The PDF also contains options for adding even more detail to your campaigns, as well as providing rules for creating units that are already experienced, allowing for "one-off" games to be played between interesting armies without having to go through a full campaign system.

Upheaval's gameplay rules is ideal for 2-4 players, and the campaign system supports as many players as desired. Upheaval is fully supported by the Triskelegames.com website, including an active forum community, and will receive periodic free updates through the release of the semi-monthly Æthergate Newsletter.

Upheaval will release on or around August 29, 2005. Stay tuned for additional details regarding outlets for the title.
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Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 08:20 am (no subject)

The July, 2005 edition of Æthergate is now online! Æthergate, the official newsletter of Triskele Games, features new rules and gameplay ideas for Ætherverse. This month's newsletter is the biggest ever put out, and it got a visual upgrade, too!

The newsletter can be downloaded in PDF format from: http://triskelegames.com/newsletter/aethergate_jul_2005.pdf

These monthly add-ons to the innovative and versatile Ætherverse are always a FREE download. No payment will ever be required just to keep up with what's new in the game. You're spending enough on minis, you shouldn't have to spend more to keep your favorite rules current.

Twelve new abilities and four new melee weapon classes expand the army creation flexbility of Ætherverse more than any single source thus far. These new abilities run the gamut from the mundane (a new sniper-boosting weapon add-on, and the ability for mounted troops to ride down those fleeing from them) to the technological (a target-seeking weapon upgrade or electrified armor) to the magical (a new demon-summoning command squad) and give players even more possibilities in creating their armies. If it's possible to improve on infinity... we're going to try and do so.

These abilities are immediately available for use in Aetherverse play and also in publications utilizing the AVDesign Open License.

The Æthergate Newsletter is also available for download at the Triskele Game Design Studios website at www.triskelegames.com.
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Jun. 12th, 2005 @ 06:34 pm Triskele Website Redesign :: Feedback Welcome!
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I'm getting into the closing phases of a total overhaul of the Triskele website (www.triskelegames.com). It's primarily a visual / organization upgrade at this time, but it will make the addition of new content to the site much, much easier. The performance of the site should also be quite a bit better.

I'm still getting all of the old pages converted over to the new format, but almost everything is back online now.

At this point I'd like to invite feedback from folks on how the page loads, runs, and looks for them. The goal is to make things on the site easier to find; I'm hoping that this serves that goal well. :)

Also, please let me know if you run into any issues. The only known issues are:
-If you increase the size of the text from the default, you will get overlap issues (I've yet to implement fixes for that)
-The site will likely NOT work well in anything older than IE 5, Firefox 1.0, or the most recent Netscape. Based on my tracking, less than 1% of the total visits to the site have been on non-supported browsers, so I'm not TOO worried.

Thanks, everyone!
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Jun. 3rd, 2005 @ 02:44 pm Ætherverse Now Has Free Shipping!
In celebration of finally having books back in stock (with us, the book has always been available to distributors, retailers, and through Amazon.com), I've decided to drop all shipping costs on Ætherverse orders. From now on, all copies of Ætherverse ordered through the Triskele site (http://www.triskelegames.com/place_order.php) will include free shipping. This includes international orders!
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May. 29th, 2005 @ 11:33 pm KublaCon aftermath
Photos are now up! Saturday's demo photos can be seen here and today's tournament photos can be seen here. I didn't do any tweaking of color levels or anything because, well, that's a lot of pictures and I'm tired :)

Congrats to our winners!

1st place: LibrarianBrent
2nd place: Shadow Hunter

Best Army: Krytos

The tournament was a lot of fun and we thank all of you for coming out and participating. It's the support of players like you that makes Ætherverse the great game that it is.
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May. 25th, 2005 @ 06:20 pm KublaCon Time!
This weekend, Triskele Games will be present at KublaCon, at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt. The convention runs Friday-through-Monday. We're going to be running the following events at the convention:
  • Demos! There will be demos of the game ongoing for most of Saturday and half of Sunday. They'll be happening in the Miniatures Foyer, just look for the Ætherverse sign.
  • A Tournament! Sunday at 1pm, we'll be running the first ever Ætherverse tournament. It's a 3000 point tournament, with a plan for 3 games (though if games go fast enough we may run a 4th game). If you don't have miniatures or have never played the game before, don't worry! I'll be bringing extra miniatures from my personal collection to help field armies, and will be on hand to help players build armies before the tournament. The tournament already has 9 people confirmed as participating (through the Triskele forums), so it will definitely happen!
  • A Mega-Battle (maybe)! The schedule includes a spot for a Mega-Battle on Saturday night. I've not gotten any sort of feedback on this one, so we'll see if it gets players.

In addition to all this, the game is going to be for sale at the Fantization Miniatures booth in the dealer room. Fantization is offering a 10% Discount on the book to anyone that participates in an Ætherverse event. So, come on by, play in a demo, and get your book at a discount!

Also, the convention has named me a special guest, but I'm not totally sure what that entails. I think I just get a special button or something... we'll see. Hope to see you at the convention!
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