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May. 25th, 2005 @ 06:20 pm KublaCon Time!
This weekend, Triskele Games will be present at KublaCon, at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt. The convention runs Friday-through-Monday. We're going to be running the following events at the convention:
  • Demos! There will be demos of the game ongoing for most of Saturday and half of Sunday. They'll be happening in the Miniatures Foyer, just look for the Ætherverse sign.
  • A Tournament! Sunday at 1pm, we'll be running the first ever Ætherverse tournament. It's a 3000 point tournament, with a plan for 3 games (though if games go fast enough we may run a 4th game). If you don't have miniatures or have never played the game before, don't worry! I'll be bringing extra miniatures from my personal collection to help field armies, and will be on hand to help players build armies before the tournament. The tournament already has 9 people confirmed as participating (through the Triskele forums), so it will definitely happen!
  • A Mega-Battle (maybe)! The schedule includes a spot for a Mega-Battle on Saturday night. I've not gotten any sort of feedback on this one, so we'll see if it gets players.

In addition to all this, the game is going to be for sale at the Fantization Miniatures booth in the dealer room. Fantization is offering a 10% Discount on the book to anyone that participates in an Ætherverse event. So, come on by, play in a demo, and get your book at a discount!

Also, the convention has named me a special guest, but I'm not totally sure what that entails. I think I just get a special button or something... we'll see. Hope to see you at the convention!
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