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Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 08:20 am (no subject)

The July, 2005 edition of Æthergate is now online! Æthergate, the official newsletter of Triskele Games, features new rules and gameplay ideas for Ætherverse. This month's newsletter is the biggest ever put out, and it got a visual upgrade, too!

The newsletter can be downloaded in PDF format from: http://triskelegames.com/newsletter/aethergate_jul_2005.pdf

These monthly add-ons to the innovative and versatile Ætherverse are always a FREE download. No payment will ever be required just to keep up with what's new in the game. You're spending enough on minis, you shouldn't have to spend more to keep your favorite rules current.

Twelve new abilities and four new melee weapon classes expand the army creation flexbility of Ætherverse more than any single source thus far. These new abilities run the gamut from the mundane (a new sniper-boosting weapon add-on, and the ability for mounted troops to ride down those fleeing from them) to the technological (a target-seeking weapon upgrade or electrified armor) to the magical (a new demon-summoning command squad) and give players even more possibilities in creating their armies. If it's possible to improve on infinity... we're going to try and do so.

These abilities are immediately available for use in Aetherverse play and also in publications utilizing the AVDesign Open License.

The Æthergate Newsletter is also available for download at the Triskele Game Design Studios website at www.triskelegames.com.
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