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Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 04:35 pm Æthergate #9 Online!

Æthergate #9 (September 2005) is now online! This issue, the semi-monthly free newsletter features four new attributes for Ætherverse, as well as background (and two army lists) for a post-nuclear world discovered by the AEC. Two of the devolved human species, dubbed "goblins" and "orcs" by a fantasy-reading research assistant, frequently find themselves at odds with each other over the remaining resources on their continent.

The Æthergate newsletter is always a free download, expanding the universes and rules of Ætherverse with new abilities, scenarios, and army list ideas.

Previous newsletters and more information on Ætherverse (and the new game Upheaval) can be found at the Triskele Games website.
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