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Triskele Game Design Studios - Ætherverse

Ætherverse: The Infinite Game of Miniature Battles
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What is Ætherverse?
Ætherverse is a science-fantasy miniature tabletop wargame. It is set in a distant future where interdimensional travel has become a reality, and wars rage across an infinite number of universes. The rules support the creation of literally thousands of different armies, and you'll never know what you'll be facing off against on the other side of the table.

Ætherverse's background runs through parallel universes, with thousands of alternate futures for Earth. In some, the Roman Empire never collapsed, while in others humanity lost the evolutionary race and another animal rose to rule the planet.

What is a miniature tabletop wargame?
Envision a raging battle, with rushing troops, clattering guns, and thundering explosions. A horde of vicious, ravenous aliens rushes at a squad of soldiers, who fire away at the onrushing creatures, desperately hoping their laser rifles keep their charge long enough to survive. A squad of 10-foot-tall battlesuits strides across a pockmarked battlefield, their pilots scanning for threats, as a lone figure in the nearby woods targets them for an orbital artillery strike. A high mage, leader on a world that never developed technology, summons flame strikes from the sky to strike down transdimensional raiders who thought the world would be an easy victory.

All these situations and a thousand more are played out on your game table, using miniatures about one inch high (though some of the larger ones will be over three inches tall). You create an army, paint miniatures to represent that army, and play out battles with them, with your wits and your dice being the difference between victory and defeat.